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Powertek services reduce network costs and risk for power distribution and transmission companies


POWERTEK utilizes LiDAR data to create an "As-Built" model of the transmission line conductors, structures, terrain, and aerial obstacles in PLS-CADD file formats


Once the Model of the transmission line is constructed, POWERTEK is able to simulate any operating condition by raising the temperature of the wire to determine the maximum thermal rating of the conductor


Transmission Owners must have a Vegetation Management Program to prevent transmission line contact with vegetation.

Corona UV Camera

A solar blind Bi Spectral UV camera detects and classifies Corona discharges from broken insulators or loose strands, further reducing potential outage sources.

High Resolution Imagery

Ultra high resolution imagery captures the condition of assets, down to the level of cracks, rust or chips if required. The georeferenced images record the visual state of assets

Thermal IR Recording

Radiometric Thermal surveys detect and quantify thermal anomalies, be they at structures or mid-span joints. The anomaly reports identify potential fire, leakage and outage locations

POWERTEK: A Complete Power Utility Offering to India

Highly qualified team and a strong R&D focus, we are continuously improving our technical capabilities

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