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PLS CADD Moduling and analysis


Transmission Line Moduling

Highly Accurate Terrain Model

Flexible Layout Tool

Facilitates Route Changes

Allows Use Of Optimization Tools in PLS-CADD


Thermal Rating Analysis

Once the Model of the transmission line is constructed,

POWERTEK is able to simulate any operating condition by raising the temperature of the wire to determine the maximum thermal rating of the conductor.

This analysis is performed by our experienced, engineers who are familiar with countless industry codes.

This service allows the utility to determine if there are clearance issues to ground features or aerial obstacles. All clearance violations are presented to the client in any format.


Vegetation Management

Transmission Owners must have a Vegetation Management Program to prevent transmission line contact with vegetation.

Using LiDAR technology and PLS-CADD’s Danger Tree algorithms,

POWERTEK can identify danger trees for grow-in conditions and simulated falling trees.

POWERTEK can overlay these danger tree locations on ortho-rectified images showing the exact trees which are hazardous to the transmission line.

There are numerous benefits to implementing a Vegetation Management Program.